Birthday Blanket

Just finished this fun blanket for my daughter Cassie's 6th birthday. I quilt and she has been asking for a quilt but when we went to the fabric store to pick out fabrics she fell in love with the "Cozy" stuff. I thought 'Great! This will be easier than making a whole quilt!' WRONG! Although it took less time, the frustration factor was high! Beware of the fuzzy stuff! It is really stretchy and bunches up in the machine easily. It is a MUST to use a walking foot to help feed the fabric. Also no matter how straight you think you've cut it, it stretches out of shape and next thing you know you seem to have lopsided sides. I just stretched it back as I sewed hoping it would all fall together and thankfully it did. The final product looks pretty fun don't you think? I thought the tassels would dress it up a little. All in all, I'm happy with the outcome. Now lets hope it gets the CASSIE stamp of approval!